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IGArt Framework

Multi-Platform Framework for 2D games in a 3D world

Build from scratch the challenge was to make a framework that would run well on both PC and PS Vita. Inspired by UbiArt the goal is to create a game with a fully featured team of artist, designers and programmers.

IGArt: Bio

My Contributions


I am one of the team members responsible for the code design and structure of the framework. The choice was made to go for an Entity-Component design similar to Unity3D before ECS was introduced. The focus on separate systems that interact with interfaces provided the flexibility to support multiple platforms like Windows and PS Vita


Many small and big features in the editor mode have been implemented by me. From a list of components available to parenting objects in the scene. Working closely with other disciplines and a quick feedback loop meant I was able to quickly develop, test and improve my work.


During this project, I was asked to hold the vision and guide the team to the desired outcome. Taking responsibility and keeping an overview of the progress made.

IGArt: Services


2D platformer game for PS Vita, build with the IGArt framework

Ma-Doi is a 2D Auto Runner Action Platformer in which the player is given the ability of gravity manipulation on a global scale making certain objects float up and sink down.  All while the player jumps and punches through various obstacles and explores the multiple paths of the levels leading them towards the end goal. Product page

IGArt: Bio
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