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Open-source Maya Plugin

Integration of real-time ray-traced rendering into the Maya viewport

Build to improve the workflow of Maya. The plugin replaces the viewport to show a rendered version of the scene in real-time. The aim is to eliminate the need to do intermediate renders that take valuable time. the plugin is currently still in development.

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Maya Plugin: Bio

My Contributions

Dev Tools

I provide and maintain the tools used during development. From CMake configurations to Jenkins automated build integration.


My task is to synchronize the plugin renderer with the model data Maya provides. From adding and deleting models to changing individual points allowing direct and real-time manipulation of models.


As the team does not have a dedicated producer we decided to split some of those tasks amongst some of the team members. I am responsible for the scrum process providing the producer valuable data on the progress and velocity of the project. I also prepare the sprints in consultation with the producer/lead

Maya Plugin: Services
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